Thursday, December 31, 2009

About this blog

The name AhMyNendoroid pays tribute to Ah Megami Sama (Ah My Goddess).

It is not related to that particular anime although I do wish the possibility of me GSC releasing Nendoroid version of Belldandy, Urd and Skuld, hehe.

It is, however, related to anything and everything about Nendoroid.

Along the way you may encounter pages with a thumbnail images (the small images). If you want to see the larger image, simply click on them and you will be transported to whichever larger image it is linked to. After gawking at the larger image, you can return to this blog by simply clicking the back button on your browser.

I would like to also acknowledge some sources.
A lot of information are obtained from GSC's Mikatan blog, and both english version and original japanese of

The translation from japanese to english are done with the help of Google Translate and Yahoo babelfish.

Thank you for reading. More coming soon.

PS: this site has a sister site, namely

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