Monday, January 4, 2010

Nendoroid Plus Primula Little Big Adventure

Name: Nendoroid Plus Primula Little Big Adventure
Character copyright: © 2007 Omegavision,Inc./SHUFFLE! Media Partners © オリゴクレース・FREEing
Manufacturer: Origo Craze/FREEing
Material: ABS & PVC
Original Price: 7980 Yen
Release Date: Nov 2007

Own: 0 (probably will never be able to own this)!%3F.html

Apprently the figurine is slightly larger than the normal nendoroid, with approximate height of 130mm (normal nendoroid is 100mm tall). This is the first talking Nendoroid of the range.

There are 3 facial expression varieties, depending on where you buy it (original release):
- Hetare (lazy) expression is sold at Gamerz, Toranoana, Chara-ani
- Embarassed (frowning eyebrows) expression is sold at Animate
- Neutral expression: Special edition (no further info)

There is a special edition release for Wonderfest 2008 Winter, neutral expression with a bonus spectacles (red frame), originally priced at 8000 Yen.

Accesories: 2 cats: "Kurodama" and "Shirodama"

It requires PC connection with minimum requirements:
- OS: Windows2000/XP/Vista (presumably Japanese language)
- CPU: Pentium 1GHz or better
- RAM: 256MB
- Videocard: 32MB or more (support DirectX8.1 or higher, DirectX - DirectX 9.0 is included on the CD-ROM and will be installed during software installation)
There will be no support is given for the game software.

Known incompatibility:
- Certain integrated chipsets (such as the i810) may not operate correctly due to lack of chipset performance. Special models and modded models of cards may not work correctly.

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